Roof Wind Damage Repairs

Uplifted Shingles

Uplifted Shingles are Vulnerable to Further Wind Damage. Be Sure to Call if You Spot Some.

There is a prominent assumption that only rainfall and hail can really damage your residence or roof. Although rain and hail are able to cause considerable damage, high winds will also do quite a bit of damage to your roof and house. There are a few places on your roof that will become damaged by high wind. Flashing, insulation, and decking are sensitive to strong winds because they can be easily lifted, which will then cause water to enter your residence and expose you to leaks, mold, and rotting wood.

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Wind Damage Signs

To decipher if you require roof wind damage repair, there are a few steps you can complete to determine the state of your roof. Any loosened or missing material from your roof system should be noted. When these pieces are broken off by high winds, it leaves your roof system unprotected from more damage. After you have assessed the loss of roofing materials, check your residual materials for moisture retention, curling, and damage. This can be a symptom that your roof has leaks and additional damage.

Ripped Shingles

Many People Blame Hail for Their Woes, But Wind Causes the Most Damage Through the Year.

The last storm may have also left dents from tree and debris along the structure of your roof. While there is a surplus of directly visible damage you may find on your roofing, some damage can lie covered underneath the layers of your roofing structure. Checking your attic can unveil leaks from this damage and any added trauma that may not be apparent from the outside. Have one of our experienced roofing contractors inspect your roof thoroughly to make sure all damage is identified. When we discover damage, we complete roof wind damage repair to strengthen your roofing and get it back to its best. To begin on your roof system inspection and roof wind damage repair in Tyler and Longview, TX and the surrounding area, dial (903) 508-2922 for East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal.