Roof Leak Repair Services

Revealing a Leak

Roof Leaks Often Start Small, But Even the Smallest of Leaks Create Significant Damage.

Do you have a leaking roof system on your home or your company building? Fixing leaks of any severity is very important for your house and business. Whenever you want quick and cost-effective roof leak repair in Tyler and Longview, TX, you can count on the experts at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal for help. Has your home or business sprung a roof leak?
Our expert roofers will come to your rescue! To request a free estimate, call us today at (903) 508-2922 and schedule your repair appointment!

If you discovered a roof leak call us as soon as possible for a repair! By the time you notice them, roof leaks have usually caused more damage than is visible, and the longer you wait – the worse it gets. Let us help you prevent further interior damage with a quick repair. Call our roofing company at the first sign of a leak.

Roof Leak Repair

It’s not always easy to pinpoint the source of a ceiling leak, but our roof leak detectives are on the case. We will trace the water back to the source and make sure your roof is sealed tight. If your roof leak is severe, we are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. We recommend you do what you can to prevent further interior damage – the tried and true bucket under the leak works as a temporary solution. We also suggest you move furniture or electronics out of the area if possible. Once we get there we will secure the roof and stop the leak. Aside from the bad weather, there are many possible causes of roof leaks in our area, including the following:

Installation issues – If your roof wasn’t properly installed by a team of licensed roofers, then you are at risk for numerous roofing headaches in the future, including roof leaks.

Old age – If your roof is over its life expectancy it will begin to deteriorate and lose integrity, which can easily lead to a leak.

Shingle damage – If your shingles are cracked, or you have missing shingles, it’s easy for water to find an entry spot. Storm damage can also ruin shingles and allow for water to enter through the roof.

Gutter backup – If gutters are crammed full of leaves and debris, then the water can’t flow down and has a chance to soak into the roof, especially if there are any current weak spots.

Storm Damage Leak Repair

The last thing any business or homeowner wants to deal with is a storm-damaged roof, but it’s a reality we have to be prepared for in our area. Whether it’s hail damage or strong winds that have caused the leak, we will find the exact origin of the leak and repair it.

If your roof suffered storm damage that resulted in roof leaks or worse, we will help you through the entire insurance claims process. It’s important that you call us as soon as possible so our insurance loss specialists can get right down to business. The insurance company imposes time limits for filing storm damage claims; the sooner we get started, the better.

The sooner you catch a leak, the better chance you have of preventing serious damage. Call us so we can help prevent a roof leak from draining your budget. Keep these signs of a roof leak in mind for future reference:

  • Water stains on ceilings or interior walls
  • Water stains on exterior walls
  • Buckling gutters
  • Bubbles on the ceilings or walls
  • Visible mold
  • Visible stains on the roof
  • Buckling roof materials
Finishing Up Commercial Install

Post Storm Inspections Will Help You Uncover the Majority of Leaks Before They Get Worse.

If you notice any of the above, give us a phone call at (903) 508-2922, and we will be on our way to get you patched up with roof leak repair in Tyler and Longview, TX!

Fast And Affordable Repairs

Why wait? Get your cost-effective and speedy roof leak repair in Tyler and Longview, TX by dialing our roof office at (903) 508-2922 now. Estimates are free! Fixing your roofing damages, such as roof leaks, at the earliest sign can ensure less expensive repairs and less harm to the roof system. For any type of roof, the standard recommendation is annual inspections to look out for weaknesses and to repair damages early on. Contact our experts today for the reliable leaking roof repair!