Roof Inspections

Catching a Water Leak

If You’ve Encountered a Substantial Leak in Your Roof, Call for an Inspection to Find the Source.

Are you searching for a roofing company that performs roof inspections in Tyler and Longview, TX? Thorough roofing inspection services and more are available from East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal at (903) 508-2922. To avoid any problems in the future, our team inspects every aspect of your roof system, from the seals and structure to the roofing materials themselves, assessing and locating weak points for repair. Once an inspection is done, we inform you of all damage to your roof in need of improvement and work with you to get your roof back to is best. East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal gives you the services you need for your roof and are always ready. Contact us today for roof inspections and your roof system needs.

The Benefits of Roof Inspections

Roof inspections reinforce your roof and are key to keeping your home well defended against storms and damage. However, the reality is many homeowners do not get roof inspections or maintenance as often as they should. It is suggested that you get your roof inspected and maintenanced at least once a year, with further recommended times being after big storms.

Examining a Roof After Installation

Our Team Can Perform Post Installation Inspections and Regular Checkup Inspections.

Your roof remains healthy and lasts longer with these services. Prior to the next storm, your roofer may use the roof inspection to locate damaged areas and unprotected points, letting them strengthen the roofing and mend the damage before the next storm. Don’t wait until after you notice a leak to schedule an inspection.

Signs that your roof system requires inspection can appear as wear on the materials or depressed areas in your roofing structure. These should be looked at soon by a roofing contractor for repair or potential replacement. Select East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal for your roof inspections and full roof reporting. Your requirements are the priority with every service we supply and we always listen to your expectations. Our variety of roof system services are devised to provide you with the best customer service and roofing repair in town. Call us today at (903) 508-2922 for roof inspections in Tyler and Longview, TX and the surrounding area.