Hail Proof Shingles

Are You Tired of Hail Damage Affecting Your Roof? Skip the Hail Hassle with Impact Resistant Shingles.

The maintenance, as well as the defense of your property, are your number one worry as a homeowner, and quality is essential to leave your house in top condition. At East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal, our team works diligently to ensure we can provide roofing solutions that coincide with the quality you work for in your house.

If you’ve ever witnessed severe weather, you understand that your roofing can truly take some damage, particularly from hail. If your home’s roof system is made from traditional shingles, it’s very likely that hail storms can leave your roofing in need of serious repairs. For traditional roofing style with increased protection, you may want to inquire about our impact resistant shingles in Tyler and Longview, TX! Give us a call at (903) 508-2922.

Impact Resistant Shingles

As the name implies, impact resistant shingles are a kind of shingle roofing material that is designed to hold up better to impacts from debris such as hail. Your roof can be damaged when hail strikes your shingles, because basic shingles crack on impact, all the way through to a fiberglass mat on the bottom layer. High impact shingles are designed to handle sizable hail without sustaining harm to the fiberglass mat underneath.

There are several varying ways that shingles are tested for durability, but all involve releasing a two inch or larger steel ball from a measured distance. In order to be considered high enough quality for production, the shingle in addition to the fiberglass matting has to be undamaged by the object.

Closeup on a Impact Resistant Shingle

Impact Resistant Shingles Can Absorb the Trauma of Hail Strikes Without Leaking.

Dependable Protection

At East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal, we take roof protection very seriously, and we consistently want to carry the latest and greatest roof products for our clients. We agree that impact resistant shingles offer some of the best defense against hail damage for residential roofing options. If you’re interested in discovering more, or if you would like to request an estimate for impact resistant shingles in Tyler and Longview, TX or the nearby cities, give our crew a call now at (903) 508-2922! Home metal roofing is also very resistant to hail if you’re considering a more modern aesthetic. Regardless of which type of roofing system you’re looking for, this team is ready to assist you!