Stone Coated Steel Roof Experts

Stone Coated Steel Roof on Brick

Stone Coated Steel Offers the Durability of Steel But Adds the Aesthetic Flavor of Stone Roofing.

Maybe you are considering metal roofing for your residential or commercial property, but you’re uneasy about the finished look. There are many people that desire the traditional look, yet are seeking the modern appeal and various benefits that come with metal roofing. Fortunately, there is a material available that can give you the best of both worlds: stone coated steel. Wondering if stone coated steel roofing in Tyler and Longview, TX is a good alternative for you? Call us at (903) 508-2922. East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal is here to respond any inquiries you might have.

Advantages of Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Chances are, if you’ve been considering metal roofing for your home, then you’ve heard a number of good things about it. With metal roofing, you can expect extended longevity, impressive wind resistance, and an array of colors and styles to fit exactly what you’re looking for. But when it comes to stone coated metal, you can have each of these benefits while having the look of traditional shingles or tiles. The intricate methods of placing small stone chips over metal roofing material give us the ability to create lightweight panels and style it to emulate conventional residential roofing styles.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Professionals

Closeup of Stone Coated Steel

Stone Coated Steel Will Last for Many Decades, Providing Impressive Weather Resistance.

Now, it should not come as a surprise that a high-quality roofing material such as this comes with a sizable price tag, initially. Yet, the stone coated steel roofing price is typically less expensive when you account for the entire lifespan of the roof. With this roof, there’s no reason to be concerned with having to spend all that additional money on those troublesome repairs and regular maintenance appointments. These savings are a standard perk, plus the huge amount of money you’ll end up saving on that lowered energy bill. (903) 508-2922 is the number to dial to receive your quote for stone coated steel roofing in Tyler and Longview, TX today! East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal are the roofing experts you’re able to rely on, and our team is always here for you. Find out what styles could work for your home!