Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing Seams in Rain Storm

Standing Seams Provide Superior Waterproofing. You Won’t Have to Worry About Leaks Again.

A dependable roofing structure with a long lifespan and stability to hold up against the worst weather should be a top priority for every homeowner or business owner. However, many buildings are outfitted with roofs that call for a significant amount of maintenance which can be hard to keep up after frequent storm damage. East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal offers an assortment of metal roof types which includes standing metal seam roofs, a prevalent metal roof option for homes and businesses. If you would like more information about our standing seam metal roof installation in Tyler and Longview, TX, then contact our customer service at (903) 508-2922 to get started!

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal

Standing seam metal is constructed with vertical panels that lock together to create a waterproof seal for extra protection. The seams of a standing seam metal roof are waterproof so that precipitation cannot slip through. Beyond your home possessing more security from the elements, standing seam metal roofs are available in various styles (such as snap lock design) to give your home a distinct look and a reflective surface to keep your home cool. In turn, this metal roof provides excellent energy savings during its long lifespan, and that this roof will save you money on expenses, as well as maintenance costs! You might also earn additional benefits from getting a metal roof, including tax breaks and reduced insurance rates, all owed to the extensive lifespan and weatherproof nature of metal.

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Standing Seam Roofs After Rain

Standing Seams Metal Roofs Last for Several Decades. Talk to Our Team About Finding Your Roof!

The installation cost of metal roofing can be costly compared to traditional shingle roofs, however, the many benefits of standing seam metal will, in fact, pay for themselves over time. Most metal roofing systems will last for fifty years or more and do not have the usual maintenance needs of asphalt shingles. You can have better security from harsh storms, natural disasters, and the heat too. If you are interested in standing seam metal roof installation in Tyler and Longview, TX, call East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal today at (903) 508-2922. Here at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal, we look to provide our customers some of the finest quality roofing in Tyler. So, call us today for experts you can count on.