Professional Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

Installing a Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated Metal Comes With Its Own Unique Blend of Style and Waterproofing. Try it Out!

Ordinarily, corrugated metal roofs have been correlated with warehouses and agricultural buildings for hundreds of years. But technology has brought us various advancements along the way. You are now able to get corrugated metal roof installation in Tyler and Longview, TX for your residential property!

Now with this being the case, there are still various types that are best suited for commercial roofs. Out of the numerous types of corrugated metal roofs you can pick from, we’ll explore R panel roofing and U panel roofing, the two most commonly used. Give us our team a call at (903) 508-2922 if you’d like to learn more information about paneling or other types of residential metal roofing.

U Panel Roofing

Normally metal roofs have 29 gauge panels, but U panel roofing is often made with 26 gauge panels. These panels are more pleasing to the eye, which makes them highly favored when it comes to houses. And because you’re able to apply them directly to the existing roof, installation is easy. Corrugated metal roofs are also available in many different colors allowing you to choose something that is going to compliment your property’s exterior.

R Panel Roofs

R panels, on the other hand, are primarily known for being low maintenance and especially durable. That means lower costs for labor and repairs down the line, a great incentive for homeowners looking for a long-term solution for their home. This variety is often chosen to be used on commercial buildings because of the rugged design.

Reflective Metal

Corrugated Metal Has a Beautiful Texture, Which Also Offers Added Strength to the Entire Roof.

The Metal Roofing Experts

With the perks including low maintenance and energy efficiency, you can’t go wrong with metal roofing. But you should also know that metal roofing has its own unique visual appeal opposed to more conventional roofing materials, such as shingles. The experts at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal are here to answer any inquiries that you may have about metal roofs. When you are ready to learn more about corrugated metal roof installation in Tyler and Longview, TX, contact us at (903) 508-2922.