Modified Bitumen Roofing Repairs

Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified Bitumen is Highly Tear Resistant and Flexible, Perfect for Seasonal Heat Expansion.

The roofers at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal are here to offer commercial clients operating in Tyler and Longview, TX community with modified bitumen roof services which includes assembling, renovations, and maintenance. With around four decades of being on the market in the U.S., modified bitumen roofing remains a popular selection for office buildings with slanted or fixed roofing systems and with good reason; they provide some of the greatest security out of other roof products.

APP and SBS are the common types of modified bitumen roofing in the market. Our team can supply repairs, installations, and maintenance of each of these roof types in order to fully assist each of our clients. There are many roofing systems to choose from when it comes to commercial buildings. When you need a cost-effective, resilient, and versatile roofing system, a modified bitumen roof is the choice for you. Are you eager to get a durable modified bitumen roof for your office building? Call the expert roofing contractors at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal today at (903) 508-2922 for your installation and modified bitumen roof repairs in Tyler and Longview, TX.

Benefits To a Modified Bitumen Roof

Curious how modified bitumen can serve your building’s needs? Here are four of the key reasons why bitumen is so effective for saving your company money.

  • Low-Cost:¬†Modified bitumen roofing systems are very affordable in regards to material expense and assembly, making it a great flat roofing option.
  • Lasting Roofing Performance: If you want a durable roof material that can last close to 20 years and won’t require an abundance of maintenance, a modified bitumen roof is a fantastic option.
  • Extremely Flexible: A modified bitumen roof is one of the most highly adaptable roofing systems on the market, from the manner in which it’s assembled to the completed design of the roof.
  • Strong¬†Roofing System: Modified bitumen roofs are impervious to tears and punctures and are a nice choice in both warm or cold environments because they are able to broaden and constrict depending on the temperature.

Better Roofing for Your Commercial Building

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen Provides Ample Building Protection at an Affordable Installation Cost.

Stronger installations equal greater functionality. The roofing contractors at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal will supply installations that are continually completed properly. Our roofing contractors are leaders in modified bitumen roof repairs and installation. Regardless if you are looking for installations, renovations, or maintenance, we offer business buildings with optimal protection with our high-end service.

We are dedicated to guaranteeing that every one of our roof services is properly installed. We guarantee this by appointing professional roofers and using innovative materials and equipment. If you need a professional roofing contractor who you are able to rely on, you can count on the roofing contractors at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal. Our roofers are available to assist you with all installation and modified bitumen roof repairs in Tyler and Longview, TX, so all you need to do is call (903) 508-2922 to set up your appointment!