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Are you looking for industrial roofing contractors to help you with a newer construction project, or upgrades to your current industrial roof system? Though commercial roof systems are recognized for being strong, industrial roofs need to be much stronger. The community specialists of East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal are here to assist you, as we’re the local industrial roofing contractor in Tyler and Longview, TX and the surrounding areas. Dial (903) 508-2922 now to talk with an expert; we can provide you with answers and help you schedule an appointment.

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Commercial roofing is surprisingly different from industrial roofs, but the reason is not always entirely obvious. Because industrial roofs are exposed to plenty of damages, such as heavy variations between hot and cold, and even chemical smokes and steams. The surface of the roof is also at risk of being damaged by things such as dirt, which slowly but surely create weakened areas of the roof system. Expert industrial roofing contractors can inform you about exactly what type of challenges your industrial roof is vulnerable to and help you determine what the perfect solution is.

For example, manufacturing buildings tend to have many vents and exhaust fans on the roof which provide opportunities for leaking. Medical facilities, in particular, keep HVAC units on the roofing, which can increase the amount of wear and tear on the roof materials. Each addition to your roof calls for more protection from leaks, but the roof material also needs to be able to flex and shrink as the temperature changes. A trained industrial roofing contractor can help you determine which roof solution is the ideal option for your specific roof situation.

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If you are considering several industrial roofing contractors, keep in mind that expertise is an essential trait in every contractor. At East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal, we have been supplying many services for a selection of different industrial roofing types, with numerous forms of roofing materials. From the start to finish of every project, quality and safety is the primary goal. Before we consider the job complete, we make sure that it is exactly what you asked for. Call our roof experts now at (903) 508-2922 and set up your appointment with a dependable industrial roofing contractor in Tyler and Longview, TX and the surrounding areas!