Green Roofing Installations

Commercial Roofing With Foliage

Green Roofing is Often Literal. Plants and Trees Can Be Harnessed to Reduce Carbon Emissions.

Is your commercial roofing older than 15 years, and causing your energy bills to rise? If so, a green roof installation in Tyler and Longview, TX could be the ideal answer for you. After years of experience in the roofing industry, our crew is happy to assist you with any and all of your roofing projects. Contact (903) 508-2922 today to speak to one of our professionals about the variety of roof services we offer.

Benefits of a Green Roof

If you’re not entirely certain what green roofing is, you’re not alone; the term often refers to more than a single kind of roofing. In many scenarios, a green roof is any roof that improves a building’s energy efficiency and reduces its carbon footprint, such as an elastomeric roof coating. Roof coatings are known to be very simple to apply over existing roof systems, which means that the application process also does not require adding large quantities of waste to landfills. Reflective roof coatings additionally reflect UV rays, which allows the roof to cool your structure during warm summer months without further strain on your air conditioning units. As a roof option with plenty of benefits to the environment, roof coatings are considered a green roof solution.

White Coated Roof

Green Roofing Often Refers to Emissions Reducing Technology, Such as Roof Coatings.

In other cases, the term green roofing references roofs that are coated with vegetation. More commonly used in European cities, these roofing systems deliver the dual responsibility of both cooling the building and purifying the air surrounding the building. As anyone who has lived in both urban and rural areas understands, areas with plant life are generally much less hot than areas such as heavily populated areas. Additionally, these types of green roofs play a role in creating additional growing space for native plant species. Green roof installation in this context reduces the urban heat effect and cuts down the number of greenhouse gases emitted by city buildings. In some areas, green roofs have been used to cultivate vegetables for building inhabitants, as well as to support endangered local bird varieties.

Green Roofing at Its Finest

If you would like to discover more, or if you would like a quote for green roof installation in Tyler and Longview, TX, contact the team now at (903) 508-2922. If you are interested in green roofing initiatives, our crew of expert roofing contractors is glad to help you. We understand that quality roofing solutions come from quality materials, so we take time to purchase only high-quality materials to work with.