Built Up Roofing

Built Up Roof Next to Walls

Built Up Roofing is a Beautiful, Safe Choice for Covering Your Commercial Building.

When it comes to our building’s roofing systems, we are always searching for a roof that is reliable, flexible, and incredibly durable. Originating in the 1870’s, built up roofing systems have been providing office buildings like educational, medical, and industrial buildings with dependable, lasting protection. Security is key when it comes to your commercial structure.

The roofers at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal are ready to introduce your structure to a brand new built up roofing installation. Your building will enjoy a robust safeguard against fires, inclement weather, and outside elements which normally afflict serious damage to your roof. If you have a restaurant, hospital, or similar building that requires roof replacement, consider a built up roof installation in Tyler and Longview, TX; just contact our professional roofers today at (903) 508-2922 for great built up roofing services.

More Protection for Your Building

Since built up roofs have stayed around for over 140 years, they have the credibility and popularity of being durable roofing systems that offer lasting protection to schools, hospitals, and different office buildings. Dissimilar to other office structure roofing systems, built up roofing is a prominent roofing system since it is impermeable to punctures, can withstand inclement weather, and is impervious to fires. The the means in which built-up roof installations are able to achieve long-lasting performance is due to multiple tiers of felt which are attached together with asphalt, after which gravel is introduced to the tar as an additional coating to the roof.

Commercial, industrial, and different buildings benefit from the incredible materials of built up roofing systems, providing them the ultimate safety against outside components, weather, and damages. When built up roof installations are done correctly, you are able to profit from extended protection, and the roofing contractors at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal will provide remarkable installations that will have your roof sustaining for twenty years or a lot longer.

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Top of a Built Up Roof

Built Up Roofing Provides Resilient Protection Against the Elements for Many Years.

With decades of knowledge installing and maintaining built up systems for eating establishments, medical, and different buildings, East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal is able to deliver you roofing that is top-notch, dependable, and resilient. We are able to fulfill this guarantee by hiring roofing contractors that have years of knowledge installing built up roofing systems, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and choosing materials that enhance your office aesthetic and functionality.

Extraordinary and lasting security will be achieved with our built up roofing services, for a better performing roofing system. Choose a stronger built up roof installation in Tyler and Longview, TX. Schedule an appointment with one of our roofing contractors at (903) 508-2922; a superior roofing system for your office structure is only a telephone call away.