Affordable Flat Roof Coatings

Applying a Layer of Coating

Elastomeric Coatings are Especially Effective for Flat Roof Systems, Which Tend to Pond Water.

Are you worried about the state of repair on your commercial structure’s flat roof? Everyone who has a flat roof system understands that these systems are susceptible to certain problems over time and that they often require a large amount of maintenance. If your flat roof is suffering from common issues like punctures, loose materials, or even leaks, most of those can be fixed with an easy flat roof coating. Contact (903) 508-2922 today to ask for a quote, or to simply learn more about our flat roof coatings in Tyler and Longview, TX! If you need a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your flat roof, our professional services are here to help!

Benefits Of Flat Roof Coating

How does your roof system benefit from a flat roof coating? A restorative Polyglass® coating allows you to quickly patch minor cracks, seal small leaks, and apply a fresh layer of defense to the flat roof in a speedy as well as cost-effective way. There are specific coatings that function particularly well for flat roofs, but you can also get roof coatings on just about any type of commercial roofing system in the industry, especially single ply roofs. The coatings can be installed on top of your current roof material, which allows you to save money on costly removal and haul-away fees.

Your initial roof coating application can quickly add an additional decade to the lifespan of your roof, and at the end of that time, you can also apply an additional roof coating over the top. It’s critical to explore your flat roof coating options early, however, since a roof with too many problems will need a roofing replacement service instead. Flat roof coatings are a fantastic way to fix and protect your roofing for an additional decade without blowing your entire budget!

There are four main kinds of elastomeric roof coatings used for flat roofs:

  • Silicone Coating – This type is great for polyurethane foam roofs especially if the roof is very weathered. We can add an additional coating on top of an existing silicone coating.
  • Acrylic Coating – This type of elastomeric roof coating is perfect for over sloped roofs. It is eco-friendly and long-lasting.
  • Polyurethane Coating – Polyurethane coatings are great for EPDM rubber roofs, modified bitumen, and single ply roofs.
  • Butyl Coating – Butyl works well for flat roofs, low-sloping roofs, single-ply roofs, or built-up roofs. It has a strong resistance to heavy rains.

Overall, commercial roof coatings are seamless. Once installed correctly, they can solve roof leaks on just about any type of roofing material. Contact our commercial roofing company to schedule a consultation and find out of a roof coating would work for your building.

A Flat Roof Pre-Coating

Your Roof is Exposed to Solar Radiation Almost All Day. Use a Coating to Make Your Roof Reflective.

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Does a flat roof coating seem like a solution to your own roof needs? If so our expert commercial roof contractors are ready and able to help! As experienced roof professionals, our crews have handled all types of roofing projects with ease. We utilize high-quality coating products from Polyglass® to ensure dynamic protection and lasting results. Get your quote for flat roof coatings in Tyler and Longview, TX today by calling our roofers at (903) 508-2922! Regardless of what your roof requirements are, our crew is happy and able to help.