3 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Annual Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

Talk With Your Knowledgeable Inspector About Your Future Roofing. Planning Ahead Can Help You Save.

Some homeowners dread their annual roof inspection because they’re afraid of unexpected repairs. The smart consumer however, can take advantage of this unique opportunity to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on their roofing. Wondering how it’s done? Follow these three crafty strategies to help you get the most from your inspection.

Strategy #1: Ask the Hard Questions (While It’s Easy)

Take advantage of the free expertise that’s conveniently walking around your roof. Ask the difficult questions about replacement and renovations. You may feel a gulp rising up in your throat when you start thinking about these future expenses, but now is the easiest time to plan for them. Don’t wait till you’re a year away from roof replacement to get started. Find out from your roofing professional what options you have. If you start planning and saving now, maybe you could afford a more durable, energy-efficient roof when the time comes.

Strategy #2: Get a Second Opinion

It’s okay to play it safe when you receive a suspiciously high quote on roof repairs or replacement. We’ve supplied a lot of homeowners over the years with simple repair jobs, after they had been told their roof required a massive overhaul. This happens more often than you’d imagine. Even if your second quote is the same or higher than your first repairs estimate, at least you’ll feel more confident about your decision.

Strategy #3: Write it All Down

Does your roof need replacement in 15 years, or 25 years? Homeowners often forget how old their roofing system truly is. When you get a lifetime estimate on your roof, write down the expected replacement date. Pay attention when your trusted roofing professional tells you the house will require shingle replacements in five years. This way, you can plan your finances ahead of time. The scrambling, unprepared homeowner is always the one who gets the worst deal.

If you’d like more details and tips on planning around your annual inspection, feel free to chat with our professional roofers at (903) 508-2922.

Going Metal: 3 Classy, Modern Metal Roofs

Metal Roof in a Storm

Metal Roofs Like Aluminum and Steel Systems Offer Robust Protection For Up to 70 Years!

Have you ever considered metal roofing for your home? It’s a big step from traditional asphalt shingle roofing, but it takes your property value in a wonderful upward direction. Here are three classy, modern metal roofs for you to consider!

Roof #1: Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum…classy? You bet! Aluminum is a wonderfully versatile metal that provides sturdy protection. It’s easy to mold to your roof designs as well. The most popular trait of aluminum is its resilience against rusting and other forms of corrosion, making it especially popular on properties located near the sea. For Texas, however, the number one benefit of aluminum lies in its reflective nature, bouncing back more sunlight than it absorbs (and greatly reducing HVAC system energy waste).

Roof #2: Steel

Steel has come a long way from its traditional skyscraper heritage. Per square foot, steel offers remarkably high value and low weight, making it a very affordable material even for large roof designs. Of course, steel provides impressive sturdiness, but it also provides more style choices than you’d realize. The slow-to-dull metal can be molded into shingles or coated with stone to match your unique style preferences. The most popular steel products are galvanized and galvalume steel, which both feature great corrosion resistance.

Roof #3: Copper

Copper is the crème de la crème of metal materials. Enduring for over 100 years, copper roofs provide a magnificent style and sheen that few roofing options can imitate. Each copper roof develops its own unique luster over the years, and the metal itself is said to retain up to 95% of its value at installation. If you’re longing for enhanced curb appeal and don’t mind the higher starting price, copper is a brilliant choice.

Want more information about metal roofing? Feel free to talk to our metal specialists at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal about metal roofs, or schedule an appointment for a free quote. Call our team at(903) 508-2922.